Bulletin August 6, 2017

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

Byzantine Catholic Inquiry Classes: Thank you so much for all of your hard work and study, it has been a great eight weeks. We will continue with another adult education class in January.

Dormition Fast: Another minor fast is that which precedes the Feast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary on Tuesday August 15th. The traditional fast is a strict fast with mitigations on Sundays and Feast days. The Metropolia identifies this as a penitential season with observance of the fast being optional; however, we all continue to fast from meat on Fridays.

Parish Maintenance and Financial Status: Because we have received donations towards the replacement commercial freezer, we will instead be getting a better quality freezer that should last us many many years of dedicated service. The freezer has been purchased and will be delivered this week so that we will have it in time for our food festival preparation. If anyone would still like to contribute to this project and further offset the cost they are welcomed to. Thank you so much to those who have donated, May God continue to bless you and your families for your upkeep of His house.

Saint Gregory’s Slavic Food Festival:

Festival Update, August 6, 2017
Today is the deadline for preordering kolácsi. Remember, Festival goers have first dibs on kolácsi and parishioners who have not preordered should expect to wait until after 2 p.m. on Festival day to purchase from whatever supply is available.
Nut kolácsi that were made yesterday are ready to be taken home by those who preordered. Payment is due upon pickup at $ 14 each regardless of filling.
Yesterday 248 nut kolácsi were made. Thank you to those who found time to work behind the scene on Friday doing prep work and to those who came Saturday and helped accomplish the many tasks that go into kolácsi baking.
St. Gregory is purchasing supplies and ingredients in bulk this year to get better prices, consistency in product quality and to have control over what we need, how much and when. Therefore, this year, instead of donating the actual supplies, parishioners are humbly asked to donate what funds they can. This will go a long way to further lower expenses. Thank you in advance for your generosity
Kolácsi: Saturdays August 19 and September 9
Holupki: Friday October 20 and Saturday October 21
Haluški: Tuesday October 31 and Wednesday November 1

Altar Server Camp: Father Lewis will be one of the spiritual directors for the Altar Server Camp from August 6th until August 9th. If there are any pastoral emergencies, please call my cell phone and/or your local Catholic priest.

83rd Annual Pilgrimage in Honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Every year the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great hold a pilgrimage on their grounds in Uniontown, PA to honor Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This is a very spiritual weekend where all who attend can participate in the many liturgical services offered as well as see old friends and make new ones. There are accommodations available on the grounds with newly renovated pilgrim halls. Camping via RV or tent is also available with full shower facilities.

Upcoming Parish And Eparchial Events
August 5-9 Altar Server Camp at the Carpathian Village
August 6 Sybertsville Pilgrimage for Peace and Feast of the Transfiguration
August 12-13 Pilgrimage with the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate in Sloatsburg, NY
August 19 Second Kolácsi Baking Day 8:30AM
Sept. 1-4 Pilgrimage with the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great in Uniontown, PA
Sept. 9 Third Kolácsi Baking Day 8:30AM

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