Bulletin September 10, 2017

Altar Candles: The altar candles are burning during the month of September in memory of +Deacon Paul Pipta.

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration: The Middle States Syncellate will be honoring married couples celebrating their 5 year interval anniversaries on Saturday, October 14 at Epiphany of Our Lord in Annandale, VA. If you are celebrating this anniversary, please let Fr. Lewis know so that he can submit your names to the Chancery Office for invitations.

Parish Directory and Family Photography: I am very excited to offer everyone an opportunity to get a free professional photograph as well as a parish directory. These directories are free, however, those interested in getting family photographs may purchase from their packages. But it would be really great if we can get every possible parishioner and family member photographed for a comprehensive parish directory. The photo session dates have changed and will be on October 1 and 2. You may now schedule your photography session on the sign up sheet in the church hall.

Hurricane Harvey Relief: The United State Conference of Catholic Bishops has authorized a collection for those afflicted by Hurricane Harvey. Our Eparchy will be participating in this collection on the weekend of September 9. Please make checks payable to the Eparchy of Passaic, with a note for Hurricane Harvey. Thank you in advance for helping those in need.

Slavic American Festival: The 43rd Annual Slavic American Festival sponsored by Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church in Annandale, VA will be on Sunday, September 10th from 12 noon till 6 PM. Festival includes traditional Slavic foods, children’s events, rummage sale, silent auction, religious folk art, farm market, Polka dance lessons, bake sale, and more.

Saint Gregory’s Slavic Food Festival:

Food Festival Update, September 10

Your generous monetary donations keep coming in and are greatly appreciated. Every dollar donated decreases Festival expenses and increases proceeds. All proceeds go to paying insurance premiums, and although they do not cover the entire premium, they enhance our efforts to meet this burden. Thank you for your dedication to our St. Gregory parish.
Thanks also to everyone who was able to spend their precious time on Friday prep and Saturday kolácsi-making. Over these three bakings your efforts produced a total of 762 kolácsi, which exceeded past years by about 125. Thanks also to everyone who pre-ordered kolácsi. This allows more to be available for our loyal following and new visitors. There is a possibility—a possibility—of making more before Christmas or maybe Easter.
Festival prep over the next two weeks will focus on signs, both indoor (food, prices, etc) and outdoor (notice of Slavic food coming, directional arrows and content), and parking lot signs. Any suggestions?
Holupki: Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21
Haluški: Tuesday, October 31 and Wednesday November 1
Food Festival November 4, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
For more information, contact festival coordinator Sue

Eastern Christian Formation: ECF classes will resume this year. Please let Fr. Lewis know if your children will be participating and what grades they are in. There will be one high school class. More on this soon.

Upcoming Parish And Eparchial Events
Sept. 10 Slavic American Festival at Epiphany of Our Lord in Annandale, VA Noon to 6PM
Oct. 1 First Day of photo shoot 11:30AM to 6PM
Oct. 2 Second Day of photo shoot 2pm to 9pm
Oct. 20 Holupki making Day 1
Oct. 21 Holupki making Day 2
Oct. 31 Haluški making Day 1
Nov. 1 Haluški making Day 2
Nov. 4 The Great Slavic Food Festival

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