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Bulletin October 12, 2014

Thank you!: We had a great turn out of diligent volunteers for our two-day Holupki event this weekend. Thank you to everyone who transported, cooked, trimmed, scooped, rolled, mixed, sauced, baked, transported, iced, wrapped, transported, washed, cleaned, carried, stacked, … a complex process indeed. Thank you to everyone who donated money and ingredients and to those who helped to gather, purchase, and transport all the elements that need to be brought together to complete the process.

Лира / Lyra: Lyra, the Russian Choral Group from Petersburg, will be singing the major portions of the Divine Liturgy at St. Gregory’s next Sunday, October 19th. They will sing a capello choral arrangements of the Liturgy by major composers in Old Slavonic. Selections will includes the Psalms of Typika (102 and 145), the Hymn of the Only-Begotten Son, the Trisagion, the Cherubikon, the Hymns of the Anaphora, It is Truly Proper, Our Father, We Have Seen the True Light, May Our Lips Be Filled, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, and more. Please mark your calendar and spread the word to anyone who may be interested in the cultural and religious significance of such an event.

Lyra Set-Up / Prep Work: To complete last-minute preparations for Lyra I request your help for a very short time on Saturday morning (October 18th), following the Divine Liturgy. Basically we need to prepare the Library and the Altar Servers Sacristy for the singers to use to prepare before Liturgy. Other minor set-up may include placing a few tablecloths, arranging some tables, etc. I expect to have the entire prep work completed by 12:00 Noon – in just two hours following the Divine Liturgy. [Cutting and arranging cakes and desserts will happen on Sunday morning before the Liturgy at 9:00 am.]

Slavic Food Festival and Bake Sale:

Haluški: Our final food prep project is haluški and cabbage. This year we will divide that into a two-day process: on Tuesday, October 28th we will cut the onions and cabbage and on Wednesday, October 29th we will cook the cabbage and prepare the haluški, beginning both days at 9:00 AM.

Flyers: Food Festival Flyers can be found in the Social Hall and the Church. Please take the Flyers and distribute them among friends and neighbors and post them on your local community bulletin board, supermarkets, etc.

Raffle Tickets are available for each parish household and may be picked up in the Social Hall today. The cost of the tickets is $1.00 each with 6 for $5.00. Each envelope contains 24 tickets – for a total cost of $20.00.

Baked Goods: Our Bake Sale is a significant source of income. Besides our own kolácsi, the wide selection of your homemade baked goods is a draw to our Food Festival. In order to help with pricing, slicing, display, etc., we ask you to bring your baked goods as early as possible – either on Friday, October 31st or early on Saturday, November 1st. It also helps if you label the items you bake and list the prominent ingredients and the approximate cost to make the items. Some of our patrons request sugar-free and gluten-free items – if you prepare any such items, please make note that information.