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Bulletin October 26, 2014

Slavic Food Festival and Bake Sale:

  • Haluški/Cabbage Preparation: Our final food prep project is haluški and cabbage. This year we will divide that task into a two-day process:
    • Tuesday, October 28th, beginning at 9:00 am we will cut the cabbage and onions.
    • Wednesday, October 29th (9:00 am) we will cook the cabbage and prepare the haluški (dumplings), mix them and, finally, cool and refrigerate the finished product.
  • Flyers: Food Festival Flyers can be found in the Social Hall and in the Church. Please take the Flyers and distribute them among friends and neighbors and post them on your local community bulletin board, supermarkets, etc.
  • Raffle Tickets are available for each parish household and may be picked up in the Social Hall today. The cost of the tickets is $1.00 each with 6 for $5.00. Each envelope contains 24 tickets – for a total cost of $20.00.
  • Baked Goods: Our Bake Sale is a significant source of income. Besides our own kolácsi, the wide selection of your homemade baked goods is a draw to our Food Festival. In order to help with pricing, slicing, display, etc., we ask you to bring your baked goods as early as possible – either on Friday, October 31st or early morning on Saturday, November 1st. It also helps if you label the items you bake and list the prominent ingredients and/or the approximate cost to make the items. Further, some of our patrons request sugar-free and gluten-free items – if you prepare any such items, please note that information as well.

Final Preparations: There is a lot of work that needs to be done during this week to prepare for Saturday’s Food Festival. Besides making haluški we need to set up the bake sale and the carry-out areas. The kolácsi (600+) must be removed from the freezers and arranged. The holupki (30+ pans) must be transferred from the freezer to the refrigerator. We need to sauté 30 lbs. of onions for the pirohi, prepare 18 gallons of sauerkraut with another 15 lbs. of sautéed onions, and we also need to pick up additional supplies such as bread and rolls. Just about every project requires clean up such as dishwashing and/or trash removal…
Also, the gift of your valuable time on Saturday is crucial to the success of our Slavic Food Festival. Please plan on giving at least a couple hours of your time on Saturday.

  • The doors open at 10:00 am. If you are scheduled for the opening shift, please be here by 9:45 at the latest. If you are able to come at 9:00 or 9:30, (or earlier) please do so. There are always many last minute tasks that need to be done.
  • Workers – to allow for maximum parking spaces for our patrons, please park on the grass on either side of the rectory driveway until that area is filled.
  • FYI: The first batch of holupki (8 pans) needs to be in the conventional ovens by 6:30 am followed by an additional 10 pans in the convection ovens by 7:00 am on Saturday. By 8:00 am we need to fill pans with haluški and sauerkraut and begin cooking kielbasi. To provide for our first patrons at 10:00 am we need to begin boiling pirohi no later than 8:30 am.

Thanksgiving and Food for the Needy: This year Thanksgiving falls on November 27th. For the Holiday we will be accepting, along with the regular donations of nonperishable food products, particular holiday food items including frozen turkeys – by Sunday, November 16th.