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Bulletin January 15, 2017

Altar Candles: The altar candles are burning during the month of January for Marvin Hipsley.

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

House Blessings: Now that we have received the Jordan Waters it is time to bless our homes with it. Please contact Father Lewis either by phone, email, or the sign up sheet in the hall to schedule your house blessing. Being a new pastor, I really would like to come and bless everyone’s home. This will allow us all a chance to get to know each-other better in a more informal setting. The blessing can be quick or I can visit as long as you like, so you don’t have to feel obligated to a long encounter. I very much look forward to meeting you in your homes and to bless them and your families with the Jordan Waters.

Matins Time Change: In order to have the Divine Liturgy begin on the hour a solution was presented that we begin Matins 15 minutes earlier in order to offset the extension that often occurs. This way we will be able to retain the form of Matins that we celebrate, as well as allow for the Holy Mystery of Repentance (Confession).

The Mystery of Repentance: The Matins time has been changed in part to allow for the most important sacrament an initiated Catholic can participate in. This Sacrament or Mystery offers us healing through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. There are “cheat sheets” available so please don’t be frightened of forgetting what to say or how to proceed if it has been a long time since the previous confession.

Bookkeeper Position Filled: Joanne has agreed to be our new bookkeeper, in our almost completed new office. We will be working diligently to get contribution statements out by the end of January.

The Early Church: From the Resurrection of Christ to Catholicism, Adult Education Class: Beginning February 1st, we will have the first of four sessions of our Adult Education class. This class will focus on how the Catholic Church was formed and how we transitioned from the Resurrection of Christ to an organized religion. This period of time may seem like a mystery, but there is actually an abundance of evidence to what occurred. We will look at the New Testament and the writings of the Apostolic Fathers. It is often said by Protestants, that when one reads the Early Church Fathers, it is impossible to not become Catholic.
In order to accommodate those who work, possible teens, and those who are retired, we will have two separate classes at different times. Participation is not limited to parishioners, anyone may attend—invite your friends.

The 2017 March For Life: Fr. Lewis will be attending the March for Life Vigil Compline with Bishop Kurt on the evening of Thursday, Jan. 26th—all are highly encouraged to attend and to spend this time in prayer with our bishop for the defense of life at every stage, from womb to tomb.
Fr. Lewis will also be attending the 10AM Divine Liturgy in Annandale, VA with Bishop Kurt. From there, many people will travel from Annandale to the Mall in DC and participate in the March. This event is energizing and can be a very prayerful way for us to show our support of life and to defend the dignity of each person at every stage of life. I warmly invite all that can to attend these events to show your support for both the life issues, as well as our bishop who is visiting the area to pray with his flock.

Upcoming Events
Thur. Jan 26 Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.
10PM Compline with Bishop Kurt Burnette as celebrant
Fri. Jan 27 2017 March For Life
10AM Divine Liturgy with Bishop Kurt in Annandale, VA
12Noon, March For Life begins on the Mall in Washington, D.C.
Sun. Jan 29 Sunday of Zacchaeus, Small celebration of Fr. Lewis’ First Year Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood
Feb. 1 Beginning of Adult Education Class