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Bulletin January 21, 2018

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

Publican and Pharisee: Because of the pride of the Pharisee and the humility of the Publican, we do not fast this week. In our humility we must surrender to the precepts of the Church. And in our desire to not be like the Pharisee who boasts of his fasting, we refrain from fasting this week.

2017 Annual Bishop’s Appeal: Our parish goal of has been met! Thank you so much for your generosity to the Eparchy, and in turn to our parish! We will receive a 40% rebate! However, there is still time to pledge for some months to come, and we will not receive the rebate until late July. Please remember that checks are to be made out to the Eparchy of Passaic, and not to the parish.

Traveling Vocation Icon Program: Please consider bringing the Vocation Icon into your home for a week and praying for vocations to strengthen our church and to lead us all to heaven. Without consecrated religious (nuns and monks), without ordained priests, we cannot benefit from the example of prayer and the administration of the Sacraments that these vocations provide us with. Without the Sacraments, and without properly trained teachers of the True Faith, our salvation will be in peril. Please pray that Christ send us more vocations, and that those He inspires to vocations have the courage to answer the call in the affirmative. Sign up sheet is in church hall.

2017 Contribution Reports: The 2017 contribution reports will be available for pickup on Sunday, January 21st. Those that have not been picked up will be mailed on Monday, January 22nd. Also, in case anyone is not aware I would like to clarify that the stipends given for the All Souls Saturdays, Divine Liturgies, and Panachidas are not tax deductible. These are free-will offerings to the priest for the celebration of these services. So these amounts will not be reflected in the annual contribution reports. Also, these stipends are not necessary for the services to be offered, but are recommended as a sacrificial offering on the part of those requesting the services.

New Icon of the Theophany: We will soon erect the icon in a proper manner, so that it is above the Baptismal Font. This is a fitting place to contemplate the rebirth we are each given at that moment of Baptism and a reminder, that even though Christ was the Son of God and was in no need of purification, He still was obedient to God’s plan, and submitted Himself to be Baptized by John in the Jordan. It is our joy as well, to be obedient to God’s plan. This icon was purchased from donations in memory of A. Norman Dennis.

All Souls Saturday: The first All Souls Saturday this year is February 3rd. There are usually 5 of these Saturdays throughout the year, but because of other feasts they may be transferred to another day. These Saturdays are when we pray for the deceased of our families in a special Divine Liturgy for the deceased. If there are any additions to last years Dyptics or Hramoty, or if you are new and have not yet supplied names for the Dyptics/Hramoty, then please use the provided forms and return no later than January 28th. Thank you.

House Blessings: It is the tradition to have homes blessed once a year with the Jordan Waters. Fr. Lewis was only able to bless a few homes last year, but is very keen to bless every home no matter how distant. There is no need for a stipend for the blessing—hence, this is not Fr. Lewis’ intent, but rather a desire to get to know each family and home. Fr. Lewis plans on doing the house blessings by region and will call to make appointments that will fit everyone’s schedule. It is ideal to complete these before the Great Fast

Forgiveness Sunday, Sunday of Cheesefare: This year Forgiveness Sunday is February 11th. We will not be having Matins that morning, but we will have the Divine Liturgy followed by our annual Cheesefare potluck luncheon. After the luncheon, everyone is encouraged to stay for Forgiveness Vespers and the Mystery of Holy Anointing. This is the service that is the beginning of the Great Fast (Feb. 11th). It is highly recommended that those who wish to receive the Mystery of Anointing have made a confession within the previous week, if not sooner and not be conscious of any mortal sin.

Upcoming Parish And Eparchial Events
Jan. 21 Contribution Reports available for pickup
Feb. 3 1st All Souls Saturday
Feb. 11 Sunday of Forgiveness and Cheesefare Luncheon
Feb. 12 First Day of the Great Fast, Presanctified Divine Liturgy
Feb. 18 Eastern Christian Formation