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Bulletin November 29, 2015

Diocesan Stewardship Appeal: Last week we received a Contribution Report from the Chancery Office for the 2015 Diocesan Stewardship Appeal. Our goal is the same as in previous years and if we reach that goal or exceed it our Parish will receive a 40% rebate of the total contributions. This year contributions are sent directly to the Chancery Office or you may donate online via the diocesan website:

Retired Religious: The annual collection for Retired Religious will take place during the month of December. Our Sisters of St. Basil the Great in Uniontown, PA receive a grant each year from this national drive to assist with health care costs for elderly members of the community. Your contributions assist our own Religious in the Metropolia of Pittsburgh.

Solemn Holydays: Two Solemn Holydays occur in early December during the pre-Christmas Fast: The Feast of our Holy Father Nicholas, the Patron of the Byzantine Catholic Church and The Conception of St. Anna. The Feast of St. Nicholas will be observed next Sunday with the regular Sunday Liturgy. The Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Conception of St. Anna will be on Tuesday morning, December 8th, at 10:00 am.

St. Nicholas Celebration: Our parish St. Nicholas celebration will take place next Sunday, December 6th, following the Divine Liturgy. There is a sign-up sheet in the Social Hall. You may bring an entrĂ©e (fully-cooked), finger-foods / hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, meat, cheese, veggies, salads, or desserts. As is the custom, St. Nicholas will visit the children following dinner.

  • This Saturday (5th December), beginning at 10:00 am, I request your help with some set-up, in the Social Hall in preparation for St. Nicholas’ visit: setting up the buffet, dessert, and beverage areas, some cleaning, tidying and organizing.
  • Please note that, as for the previous few weeks, there is no Matins Service next Sunday morning. Please plan on arriving early to lend a hand with last minute tasks since we won’t be able to do food prep during the Liturgy.
  • Cleanup is an important part of any event. Please help us by cleaning up after your own family, assisting with collecting trash, wiping tables, washing a very few pans, dishes, etc.

Philip’s Fast / Filipovka Post’: Currently we are observing the 40-Day Fast period in preparation for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord. This Fast mirrors the Great 40-Day Fast before the glorious Feast of the Resurrection. While we are not bound to observe the more rigorous traditional fasting prescriptions, Simple Abstinence from meat is recommended on Wednesdays (in addition to Fridays) and it would also be appropriate to devote time to spiritual preparation amid all of our other tasks, as we anticipate the Feast of Christ’s Birth.

Let Us Remember in Prayer all those who are in some special need of God’s loving kindness and mercy at this time. Let us remember particularly the “Prayer Requests ” of all who have asked for the prayerful support of our Parish Family in their special intentions.