News and Events

Bulletin October 19, 2014


• Today we welcome the members of the choral ensemble “Lyra” who will sing the responses to the Divine Liturgy. It is a joy for us to share with them the experience of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom – a treasure we hold in common but one that expressed in diverse ways across culture, language, and time.

• We also welcome our visitors and guests who are present for the Divine Liturgy today. May the music and prayer lift your hearts and your minds.

Offering: If you wish to make an offering to help defray the cost of travel and accommodations for Lyra during their United States tour, you may do so by placing travel it in the collection baskets with the regular Sunday Offertory.

Thank you!: Thank you to everyone who helped prepare for today’s event: cleaning the church, setting up the Social Hall, baking, and attending to the myriad of details in organizing, tidying, and maintenance that arise. Your work is most sincerely appreciated.

Slavic Food Festival and Bake Sale:

  • Haluški: Our final food prep project is haluški and cabbage. This year we will divide that into a two-day process: on Tuesday, October 28th we will cut the onions and cabbage and on Wednesday, October 29th we will cook the cabbage and prepare the haluški, beginning both days at 9:00 AM.
  • Flyers: Food Festival Flyers can be found in the Social Hall and the Church. Please take the Flyers and distribute them among friends and neighbors and post them on your local community bulletin board, supermarkets, etc.
  • Raffle Tickets are available for each parish household and may be picked up in the Social Hall today. The cost of the tickets is $1.00 each with 6 for $5.00. Each envelope contains 24 tickets – for a total cost of $20.00.
  • Baked Goods: Our Bake Sale is a significant source of income. Besides our own kolácsi, the wide selection of your homemade baked goods is a draw to our Food Festival. In order to help with pricing, slicing, display, etc., we ask you to bring your baked goods as early as possible – either on Friday, October 31st or early on Saturday, November 1st. It also helps if you label the items you bake and list the prominent ingredients and the approximate cost to make the items. Some of our patrons request sugar-free and gluten-free items – if you prepare any such items, please make note of that information.
  • Donations: As we move into the final two weeks before our Slavic Food Festival it appears that we have sufficient supplies of flour (haluški) and butter/margarine (haluški, pirohi, and sauerkraut). We have been accumulating other supplies over the last few weeks, the kitchen equipment appears to be in working order (at this time), we await the septic system being serviced, and the Raffle and Food Service permits have been procured.
    We appear to be moving along on schedule with preparation for our annual fundraiser. As always, cash donations help us with start-up expenses and increase our net profits and the gift of you time and energy both now and on Saturday, November 1st are crucial to our success.

Giant Gift Cards: Giant gift cards are available for sale following the Divine Liturgy. Our parish receives 5% of the face value of the certificates at no additional cost to the purchaser.

Food For The Needy: Please keep in mind that food collections are not limited to the holiday seasons. Donations of non-perishable food items are needed year round to assist those in need.