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Bulletin April 24, 2016

Orientale Lumen XX: The 20 annual Orientale Lumen Conference will be held at the Washington Retreat House in Washington, DC on June 21-24, 2016. This year the theme is “Creation: Our Shared Inheritance.” Speakers are being invited to discuss the ecumenical dimensions of the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si and the environmental symposia of the Ecumenical Patriarch.
The agenda will begin on Tuesday afternoon and conclude with lunch on Friday. There will be plenary sessions by prominent speakers in the ecumenical dialogue between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, a variety of liturgical worship services with full congregational participation, and many opportunities for fellowship with other participants and the speakers. For additional information visit .

The Great Fifty Days: After 40 days of fasting and penance we are now in the Great Fifty Days (Pentecost) of the celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection. This 50-day celebration culminates in the Feast of the Decent of the Holy Spirit.
As an affirmation of our belief in the Resurrection we refrain from kneeling during Pachal Liturgical Services. The time of penance and fasting – the Great Fast – is over. We stand during the Divine Services to the extent that we are able. Further, we also stand whenever “Christ is risen / Christos voskrese” is sung. If you are unable to stand for longer periods of time, please be seated, but please refrain front kneeling during the celebration of Our Lord’s Resurrection.
Fasting: With the completion of Bright Week we now return to the usual penitential practices: Fridays are days of abstinence from meat or an equivalent penance.

Let us remember in prayer all those who are in some special need of God’s loving kindness and mercy at this time. Let us remember particularly the “Prayer Requests” of all who have asked for the prayerful support of our Parish Family in their special intentions.