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Bulletin November 23, 2014

Retired Religious: The annual collection for Retired Religious is currently taking place. Our Sisters of St. Basil the Great in Uniontown, PA receive a grant each year from this national drive to assist with health care costs for elderly members of the community. Your contributions assist our own Religious in the Metropolia of Pittsburgh.

Dispensation: Bishop Kurt has granted the faithful in the Eparchy of Passaic a dispensation from Phillip’s Fast or “Filipovka” for the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 28th.
The Christmas Fast, in preparation for the Feast of the Nativity on December 25, is one of the minor fasts of the Church. This fast of forty days was introduced in the 12th century. Counting back 40 days from the feast of the Nativity, the fast begins on the evening of November 14th – the feast of the holy Apostle Phillip. Thus it is traditionally called Phillip’s Fast or the Phillipian Fast (in Slavonic, Filipovka).
This fast is not penitential, but is rather a fast of preparation, like the pre-Communion fast. By abstaining from certain foods, we are opening up a “space” in our lives through asceticism and obedience, into which God may enter.

St. Nicholas Preparation: This year the Feast of St. Nicholas will fall on a Saturday (December 6th) so our St. Nicholas celebration will take place on the following Sunday, December 7th. Following the (10:00 am) holyday Divine Liturgy on Saturday, December 6th may I request your help in preparing for our celebration by stacking unneeded tables and chairs and setting up the Social Hall in preparation for St. Nicholas’ visit… arranging the tables, setting up buffet, dessert, and beverage tables, some cleaning and tidying and organizing – with perhaps a bit of food prep and helping St. Nicholas prepare his gifts.

St. Nicholas Celebration: The sign-up sheet for our parish celebration is in the Social Hall. You may bring an entree (fully-cooked), finger-foods, sandwiches, meat, cheese, veggies, salads, or desserts. As is the custom, St. Nicholas will visit the children following dinner.

Holiday Food For The Needy: Christmas is just weeks away and the Women’s Community Club of Beltsville will be accepting donations of Gift Cards, non-perishable food, frozen turkeys, new clothing, toys, candy, and other suitable gifts for Christmas distribution until Sunday, December 14th.

Calendars: 2015 ecclesiastical calendars are now available on the tables with the Divine Liturgy Books in the back of the Church.