Bulletin October 1, 2017

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

Parish Directory and Family Photography: I am very excited to offer everyone an opportunity to get a free professional photograph as well as a parish directory. These directories are free, however, those interested in getting family photographs may purchase from their packages. But it would be really great if we can get every possible parishioner and family member photographed for a comprehensive parish directory. The photo session dates are October 1 and 2. You may now schedule your photography session on the sign up sheet in the church hall, or online.
If for any reason you will not be able to attend the photography session, you may submit a photo to be placed into the directory so that we have a comprehensive directory. Thank you again for your efforts in this important parish task.

Saint Gregory’s Slavic Food Festival:

Food Festival Update, October 1

Please pay for and pick up your preordered kolácsi next Sunday, October 8, so that we can close the records for preorders. If not sure of the amount, call Sue. If left after October 15, it is possible they might get defrosted or accidentally sold along with those for the public.
Food Fest fliers are available for pick up today. Raffle tickets will be ready next Sunday, October 8. The prize list has changed to include an Apple iPad 32GB, generously donated by a parishioner, $500, $100, $100, and $100 and a basket of five kolácsi.
This week preorders will be made for 100 pounds of kolbasi from Shif’s in Scranton, which Fr. Lewis will pick up on his way back from Rome. Mary Lou will order and later pick up 600 pirohi from St. Mary’s in Johnstown and 100 heads of cabbage from Papa John’s Farm somewhere near Baltimore.
Karen is in charge of advertising; Lillian will design and print indoor signs for the different areas. Dale is ordering and determining placement of outdoor directional signs, designed by Fr. Lewis. These will be professionally printed.
Betty will direct the bakery in the absence of our master baker, Steve, whose family will be out-of-state. Perhaps parishioners can start now making extra cakes, cookies and other baked goods and freeze them.
Mary Lou will be in charge of the kitchen again this year. We are thinking about different ways to keep the hot food line moving and paying for food faster.
The raffle will be run by Joanne, who will also collect money from raffle ticket sales. Her sister Mary will return again this year to manage the door prize table. Please bring in new items for kids and adults. This is an honorable way to find a home for those things Aunt Whoosie gives you each year and you don’t know what to do with. An area in which to leave your donations will be designated by next Sunday. Mary Jane will handle Fall decorations.
There will be no music this year, since we will be directing all energy toward implementing new measures and making sure all slots in our work chart are staffed. The microphone to announce door prize numbers and other announcements will be in working order by October 27.
Sign-up sheets for working at our Food Fest will be available next Sunday, October 8. Please try to find one to three hours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to help out. This is also an opportunity for parishioners new and long-time, young and old, to work side by side and get to know each other.
Holupki: Friday, October 20 and Saturday,
Haluški: Tuesday, October 31 and Wednesday, November 1
Food Festival November 4, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Can you reserve one to three hours on November 4 to help out at our Food Festival. For more information, contact festival coordinator Sue.

Eastern Christian Formation: ECF classes will resume this year. Please let Fr. Lewis know if your children will be participating and what grades they are in. Because of parish dynamics it seems we will have the program once or twice a month to help younger children understand better those aspects of the faith particular to the Byzantine Tradition, and for the adolescence to learn how to engage our current cultural landscape.
We will begin our Eastern Christian Formation (ECF) program on Sunday, October 29.

Traveling Vocation Icon Program: Our Metropolia is embarking on a traveling Vocation Icon Program for all of the faithful of our Churches to pray for and encourage vocations to the religious life: presbyterate, diaconate, consecrated life of men and women monastics. Prayer is one of the most important aspects of our faith in God and when we pray fervently with full trust in God, our prayers will be answered. Please consider bringing the Vocation Icon into your home for a week and praying for vocations to strengthen our church and to lead us all to heaven.
So far those who have signed up to pray for vocations are: week of Oct. 1—Mary Jane; Oct. 8—Nick. Sign up sheet is in church hall.

Upcoming Parish And Eparchial Events
Oct. 1 First Day of photo shoot 11:30AM to 6PM
Oct. 2 Second Day of photo shoot 2pm to 9pm
Oct. 20 Holupki making Day 1
Oct. 21 Holupki making Day 2
Oct. 29 Catechetical Sunday: beginning of ECF program after the Divine Liturgy
Oct. 31 Haluški making Day 1
Nov. 1 Haluški making Day 2
Nov. 4 The Great Slavic Food Festival
Dec. 3 Saint Nicholas Celebration

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