Bulletin February 11, 2018

Let Us Remember in Prayer: Those who are ill or convalescing. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Physician and Healer of souls and bodies, grant them peace and good health for many blessed years.
Please let Fr. Lewis know if anyone should be added or taken away from this prayer list.

Traveling Vocation Icon Program: Please consider bringing the Vocation Icon into your home for a week and praying for vocations to strengthen our church and to lead us all to heaven. Without consecrated religious (nuns and monks), without ordained priests, we cannot benefit from the example of prayer and the administration of the Sacraments that these vocations provide us with. Without the Sacraments, and without properly trained teachers of the True Faith, our salvation will be in peril. Please pray that Christ send us more vocations, and that those He inspires to vocations have the courage to answer the call in the affirmative. Sign up sheet is in church hall.

All Souls Saturday: The next All Souls Saturday this year is March 3rd. There are usually 5 of these Saturdays throughout the year, but because of other feasts they may be transferred to another day. These Saturdays are when we pray for the deceased of our families in a special Divine Liturgy for the deceased.

Adult Education: It has been Fr. Lewis’ intention to have another Adult Education class during the Great Fast It was his intent to focus on the Divine Liturgy, but at this moment it seems proper to focus more on how to read Scripture. For ease of attendance, we will have short sessions after the Divine Liturgies of the Great Fast. If you like, you can bring your own Bible so that you can underline or make notes, or you can use one of the church’s Bibles. We will go over some basics of Scripture, as well as how to reflectively read the Scripture and how to understand some of it’s deeper meaning.

Cheesefare Week: For those who plan on adhering to the traditional fasting regulations for the Great Fast, the week of Feb. 5 through Feb. 11 is the last time that we will eat cheese and other dairy products until after the basket blessing on Holy Saturday evening on March 31st. It is at this time when we can clean out our refrigerators of our cheese products so we will not be tempted during the season of the Fast. Again, adherence to this stricter form of fasting is voluntary.

The Great Fast—The Season of the Triodion: The Great Fast is already upon us. The Cheesefare Vespers of Forgiveness is the transition into the services of the Fast. However, keep in mind that fasting is from midnight to midnight. During the weekdays of the Great Fast it is not permitted to celebrate the Divine Liturgy because each liturgy is a joyous celebration. We are asked to adhere to the regulations of the fast and are encouraged to go further in our fasting and to go deeper in our prayer so that we will attain spiritual benefits, and be properly prepared to celebrate Christ’s Glorious Resurrection.
Since we are required to avail ourselves of the Mystery of Repentance (confession) once a year to remain a Catholic in Good standing (and certainly availing ourselves of this sacrament once a month is ideal) it is recommended that this period of the Great Fast be that time.

Congratulations! Congratulations to Kyle and Shelby on the occasion of their Betrothal! The Betrothal is similar to an engagement where rings are blessed and given to each. A much stronger bond exists between the couple because they were each blessed with the rings and presented with them by an ordained priest. One of the litanies for the Betrothal prayed that “they may be preserved in oneness of mind and steadfastness in faith.” This is a beautiful prayer showing the beginning of the bond of marriage that will come in a few months from now. In the Eastern Church, the Crowning in Marriage is when the two become Man and Wife and are Sacramentally Wed. So again, congratulations to Kyle and Shelby!

Upcoming Parish And Eparchial Events
Feb. 12 First Day of the Great Fast, Presanctified Divine Liturgy
Feb. 18 Eastern Christian Formation And Adult Education Bible Study
Mar. 3 All Souls Saturday
Mar. 10 All Souls Saturday
Mar. 14 Canon of St. Andrew of Crete with Prostrations
Mar. 25 Flowery and Palm Sunday
Apr. 1 Resurrection of Our Lord, Holy Pascha

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